Reaching the position of Leader Digital Company, being first both in video production for the B2B market and in Digital Marketing services reference outsourcing. The most innovative, the most scrupolous and the most competent:


Attentive and receptive to the needs and wants of the Client company

Developing a long-term solid business with its Partners


An excellent Italian technological center, where superb ideas are born, and take shape


We are not satisfied of simply being part of the new, so called "Millenial" generation. Together we have set and continue pursuing with determination the following objectives: personnel constant updating, closeness to the industrial market thanks to the trade associations, structural investments,  continuous improvement and technological growth.

In every action, project, initiative and decision at Vaultiin, we follow and apply  principles and guidelines: confidentiality of the entrepreneur's and the Client's projects, strict application of the law,  safeguard of the commercial and financial partners’ interests, the Customer as our priority as well as our employees Team’s protection.