Digital Competitor Analysis

Digital Competitor Analysis:

Digital Competitor Analysis:

Vaultinn, an agency based in Pordenone, carries out a Digital Analysis that allows you to identify a series of actions aimed at analyzing the online competition.

Vaultinn employs professionals who are in charge of thoroughly assessing each customer's situation.

Constant dialogue with our customers is the key to top-level results

Digital Competitor Analysis:
how to improve your digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing represents the present and the future. Although it is full of neologisms and evolved concepts, it has no operating principles that are different in form from those that have always governed the market.

The simplest concept that can be used as an example to explain things can be taken from everyday life. Two pubs located on the same avenue often look at each other to understand which one is successful, to offer more advantageous proposals to customers (quality or quantity depends on strategic choices), or expand the range of their offers by proposing something the other doesn't have.

Making Digital Competitor Analysis, although with much more complicated procedures and much more tortuous paths, more or less means reaching objectives of this type.

Online competitor analysis for B2B.

The analysis of online competitors has great importance for B2B companies, which are those companies that sell their products/services to other companies. Over time, we have refined the ability to develop situations of this type by benefiting from all the tools and figures necessary to make the best available to those who trust us.

Nowadays, every entrepreneur knows that he must consider his company on two dimensions: one is that of everyday life, the other is that of virtual and online. For the latter, it is wrong to imagine it as something abstract, but it is more concrete than ever.

The Digital Competitor Analysis demonstrates this concept. The motivation lies in the perception of the Competitor on the Net is something that approaches the reality and concreteness of the business.

Each company has a virtual identity. Entrepreneurs understand the need to invest in digital marketing when they discover that direct competitors are one step ahead. The best thing is to intervene using paths that others have not yet identified

The goal of the Digital Competitor Analysis is to understand the measures to find the winning strategy that allows you to beat your opponents.

In the case of Google, the SEO strategy of your website and the choice of the right keywords can make the difference. It may happen, for example, that by acting on some parameters of your website, you can get to overtake a competitor. In the same way, an analysis of the search trends could reveal it appropriate to focus on other search keywords that could be lacking and represent a business improvement system with a low investment.

A good analysis of competitors' digital marketing allows, however, to understand which keywords bring more traffic to their websites, giving the possibility to evaluate how effective their strategies are for online visibility.

Social networks are equally fundamental. The Digital Competitor Analysis is also carried out by evaluating all the parameters that can measure the effectiveness and visibility that competitors get through their strategies.

Digital Competitor Analysis: ask for a quote.

Digital Competitor Analysis:
ask for a quote.

Different types of customers rely on Vaultinn: those who have never developed a digital strategy and now want to take their business to the next level or those who want to change path due to ineffective strategies.
We have acquired know-how suited to meet the needs in both cases. Providing a Digital Competitor Analysis report means having an optimal basis for articulating an effective digital marketing development process.

Although our company is based on different concepts of the new economy, we always interface with our customers aiming to acquire a relationship of mutual trust, which is typical of the tradition and success of Italian companies.

Our main goal is to get mutual satisfaction. And that's why we never act in a hurry. A digital competitor analysis operation takes twenty days from the first meeting with the customer to the moment we produce a detailed report. This will open up a world on the possible growth margins of your business.

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