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Guerilla Marketing

Amaze your audience by leaving an indelible mark!

Guerrilla Marketing is a way of advertising causing great emotional and scenographic impact. It is also called Unconventional Marketing, a definition coined by the US publicizer Jay Conrad Levinson in 1984.

The Guerrilla Marketing uses the items objectiveness, deliberately created to amaze and excite, and their setting in events, public places and passageways.

Unconventional experiences

VAULTINN is a Reality specialized in amazing, exciting and stimulating the audience curiosity by acting on the creative alteration of reality and on the transformation of environments into engaging communication tools, thereby generating spot light and fame for the brand.

The Creative department, coordinated by the Art Director in close connection with Talenti Group, is able to create unconventional high-impact advertising messages, which draw the public’s attention,  actively involving and moving it to interaction with the brand outside the canonical and conventional areas of communication. This way the public can acquire a first hand experience, feeling part of the atmosphere the brand was able to share.