Video Production

VAULTINN video content production is unique in its market due to   their peculiar study, organization and professionalism. It develops well-thought-out and effective video solutions according to the purpose and the objective message to be broadcast, fully relying on the support of its own marketing department combined with that of its own video makers.

It is capable to develop innovative communication strategies with high exciting content that amplify the reputation of its brand and generate specific attention, desire and interest in the target audience.

It is well known that using professional videos and graphic animations enables to share information quickly and effectively, obtaining greater visibility and transmitting the message to the public in a faster, more incisive way.

Our philosophy

Building communication that amazes, captivates and entertains the visitor!



Our aim

Engaging new customers and instructing the actual public by means of
strategically successful and functional video products.



Owned equipment and space

Internal video personnel 

Latest generation professional drones, video-audio material  and lights

Professional voice dubbers and qualified partners

Marketing and video department communicating closely 

Ability to listen and study, dynamism and proactive personality

Compositions in 4K

Management of document procedures

Video operators safety management 

Internal quality control

Realtà Aumentata - AR

Video Solutions Variable Features

Video type and screenplay

Complexity and length of shooting 

Graphic animations quantity and type


Texts and potential dubbing

Assemblying and post production type

Actors’ presence or absence / spaces in usufruct