Video production.

Video production in Pordenone.

Video production in Pordenone.

Vaultinn offers countless solutions in the video production field. Pordenone, Friuli Venezia Giulia, and Triveneto are dynamic areas from a commercial and industrial point of view.

The creation of corporate videos when marketing the products or services is the best solution for those who want to exploit the potential of their business.

Why should you invest in video production in Pordenone? Because it is better to give space to estimates and studies rather than rely on data that could appear subjective

According to the data analysis, each user spends 6 hours and 48 minutes watching videos browsing the internet. Whether it is a commercial to be run on a platform or a promotional video on social channels, video production is the most effective solution to be spread on the web.

It is estimated, that starting from 2022 around 82% of the data used on the internet will be aimed at using multimedia content. Why? Videos can count on the communicative power of images, which are much more suitable to leave a strong impression than a text.

According to Forbes, 88% of users spend more time watching an informative video than a website.



of the data will be aimed at using multimedia content


of users spend more time watching an informative video than a website.

- Video Production in Pordenone

Types of videos.

Vaultinn uses high standards of technology and professionalism for video production in Pordenone and its surroundings. We handle every aspect, from concept development to optimizing all marketing campaigns to post-production. Pordenone is our headquarters, but we have a network that allows us to deal also with requests from abroad.

A highly qualified and skilled people network allows us to analyze every single case, propose the best strategy producing an effective video.

Today we can offer cutting-edge solutions through different formats from which to choose, each with its peculiarities.

Each solution has characteristics that make it suitable for company targets. Vaultinn is committed to explaining the reasons for certain choices to partners.

Our production of corporate videos in and around Pordenone provides companies with high-level content to be conveyed through the chosen channels.

They can be used through social media, institutional pages, or through hardware supports (for example, USB sticks) usefull at exhibitions or fairs. Each choice governs the logic of production, considering that each playing field provides adequate strategies concerning the duration of production and any investment.

Vaultinn always operates according to the customer's will, supported by market experts able to submit to partners the trends that can drive company growth.

- Video Production in Pordenone


What are the costs for corporate videos in Pordenone?

We have a very clear price list, however we never offer pre-packaged solutions. Each proposal submitted to our customers is bound to a research work Customer satisfaction in the cost/benefit ratio is a goal that we pursue with a view to our business growth.
We achieve excellent results to enhance our work.


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